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Thank you BrightParents for your lessons. They're updated, relevant, and honest. I can relate to the parents interviewed in the lessons and love to hear about their experiences. The team at BrightParents has done an awesome job! I am grateful for your content and learn great information in each video


Meet Krystal: BrightBirth Academy

Meet Sarah Regarding Her Strong-Willed Child

I have been very happy with the BrightParents curriculum and the ease of its use. The quality of the videos is awesome. They have great information, hold my attention, and are entertaining.


I look forward to these video lessons that I can use in life in general. It has made me a better person.


The presenters in the videos are all very contemporary and relatable. The information is very current and interesting. Love Dr. Williams!


I love BrightParents and can share all this information with my partner. Thank you for such great support.


I love BrightParents. I love the variety that it offers. I love the easy access to so many videos. I feel so prepared.


Meet Tracy about Infant Hygiene

Meet Candace: Reunited with Daughter

Meet Cody and Tracy: How BrightParents Helped

Meghan on Pain Management

Christine's Experience

Krystal Again: Better than Lamaze

We loved the Bright Parents Academy while preparing for the arrival of our first baby. We learned so many things such as preparing for labor and delivery, options and procedures to familiarize ourselves with during the labor and birthing process, as well as vital things to newborn care. Now that our daughter is no longer a newborn the videos on how to take care of and what milestones to expect for an older baby have been critical to having confidence in our parenting. I think the Bright Parents app is a necessity for all first time parents. For us, it helped us gain the confidence and knowledge going into parent hood and gave us a realistic expectation of pregnancy, labor and delivery, the newborn and baby stage all while giving us the tips and tricks we needed to actually parent and take care of our child at every stage. We definitely look forward to referencing it as our daughter continues to grow!